Deborah Bier, PhD, is an informative, engaging, and inspiring trainer and speaker. She is available to address both healthcare professionals and consumers on a variety of health and healing issues.  She offers consultations, courses, webinars, and speeches geared to family caregivers.

Below are just some of the speeches, courses, webinars and panel presentations she’s offered over the past three years.

When Dementia Strikes: Managing Care and Making the Most of Every Day (national webinar, National Private Duty Association)

Habilitation Therapy in Home Care (3-part national webinar, National Private Duty Assocation)

Caring for People with Alzheimer’s Disease: A Habilitation Training Curriculum (homecare agency in-service, day-long training)

Aging and Three Psychological Theories on Change: Adjustment, Resiliency and Transcendence in the Later Years (2-part presentation, Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA)

Aging, Disability & New Technologies: Real Hype or Real Help? (presentation, Middlesex Community College, Bedford, MA; various Councils on Aging, Massachusetts)

Challenging Behaviors and the Dementia Patient (various assisted living facilities, Massachusetts)

What’s New in Aging? 21st Century Homecare (various libraries, Councils on Aging, Massachusetts)

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