Here is what some agencies, students and clients have said about working with Deborah Bier, PhD:

“The methods our staff learned from Dr. Bier worked wonders with our dementia population starting the very first day we put them into use.  We only wish we had this training sooner!” Homecare agency director

“I’m thrilled about how easy the methods are to use in daily care with my clients.” Professional caregiver

“You are such a warm, wonderful speaker! The audience loved you, and we’ve heard only positive feedback.” Adult education director

“These methods are not difficult, but my goodness, they are powerful! I wish I had known them a long time ago! It would have saved my family a lot of suffering and heartache.” Dementia family member

“The information Dr. Bier presented was concrete and immediately applicable to caregiving. We could implement Dr. Bier’s methods immediately. We saw the difference they made right away. Everyone’s excitement is very high!” Care staff supervisor

“I’m a former school teacher, and I want to thank you for creating such a great program for our agency’s caregivers. You’ve made the material easy for me to teach and for them to apply.” Homecare agency owner

“Dr. Bier is such a wonderful teacher. My family is grateful for what we learned.  Mom is more cooperative and peaceful now. We know we can turn to Dr. Bier when problems come up we can’t figure out.” Dementia family member

“We took Dr. Bier’s webinar. It taught us ways to quickly make our mother so much happier and easy to deal with! We couldn’t believe the difference it made!” Dementia family member

“During our consultation, Dr. Bier was able to quickly put her finger on what was triggering my father’s frightening daily outbursts. And then she taught me how to prevent most of them!”  Dementia family member

“This stuff WORKS!!! Why doesn’t everyone know it?” Professional dementia caregiver

“The training was wonderful! I came away with information I can use starting with my clients starting today, and every day. Well done!!” Professional Caregiver

“While you spent time with her, my mother-in-law was able to engage with far less confusion and more focus than usual. She showed none of her usual anxiety with strangers, too, from the very start of your conversation together. I want to know more about what you did that created such a difference.” Dementia family member

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