Intro to Flower Essences

Want to learn more about vibrational and flower essences? See a list of Deborah Bier books on this topic. The book cover shown on this page leads to a title that provides a basic intro to flower essences, available in both paper and ebook format. Click on the cover or here to see more about this title.  Below is an introductory excerpt from Learning About Vibrational Essences.

Vibrational essences (most commonly referred to as flower essences or flower remedies) preserve the life-force of a substance for use in healing, health and wellbeing. Essences are used to promote greater balance and harmony in the user. During the last 20 or so years, essences have become much more widely used. They are now made all over the world, and many exciting new approaches have arisen in essence making and therapeutic use.

Essences differ dramatically from essential oils, and it is extremely common for both healthcare professionals and consumers alike to confuse them. Even more perplexing is the use of the term “essence” in the food industry, where it can mean a flavoring or aroma agent (often an essential oil or alcohol-extracted preparation). This is one reason why I like to add the word “vibrational” before “essence.”

Unlike essential oils, vibrational essences are unscented and unflavored. Essences are much more like (though not  identical to) homeopathy in that they are both based on energetic–not chemical–action. It is the life-force of the parent substance that acts upon the user’s energetic system, thereby influencing all levels of health and well being.

In that they are energetic in nature, vibrational essences can more directly act upon our non-physical than physical bodies. Essences are therefore especially adept at addressing our energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. This can facilitate change in our feelings, thoughts, consciousness level, beliefs, and unresolved emotional traumas. Since changes in these areas can impact our physical health, users of vibrational essences may find that their physical symptoms also shift, though this is impossible to predict. It is also impossible to determine that “x” essence is specific to treat “y” diagnosis. Each illness’ underlying vibrational cause will differ greatly from person to person.

Thoughts and feelings live in the non-physical world. Since it has been shown that there is a causative connection between our feelings and thoughts with physical symptoms, then it is reasonable to believe that there would be a healing effect as well. If we improve the state of our feelings or thoughts, the physical body may respond in a positive way. It is also common to find that, while physical symptoms remain the same, our attitudes attitude about them may undergo a transformation. Our symptoms might be easier to accommodate to, they might occupy less of our awareness, or we might see their illness in a new light. And
if we perceive our difficulties as limiting us less—though our subjective symptoms may not be improved—our overall quality of life is improved.

Some essence company’s products will be more readily available in different parts of the world than in others. Usually, even the smallest of health food stores will carry some sort of generalist essence [such as Five Flower or Rescue Remedy], even though they may not know much about the product. In a store, you might find one or two company’s essences, be they foreign or locally produced. It is extremely unusual to find a wide assortment of essences from around the world. If and when you DO find such a place, regard it as a unique resource to be treasured. Your local essence practitioner may know about several different types and how to get them. They may even sell them in either stock or dosage strength. Mail order is great way to obtain a wide assortment of essences. To find out what types are available, again, read what you can and consult internet for different companies from around the world — find it at

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