Healing touch and energy therapies, the best known being Reiki (pronounced RAY-key), are ancient practices in increasingly wide use today.  Across the United States and beyond, Reiki is becoming an increasingly accepted presence in hospitals and clinics, as well as in private practices.  It is seen as an effective and cost reducing method to improve health outcomes and the quality of care for patients. Hospital staff, such as physicians and nurses, are adding Reiki treatments to their work. Reiki for self-help is also a strong and growing trend. 

Dr. Bier is a Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher and has been successfully using energy/healing touch therapies with chronically and significantly ill clients and their families for 25 years.

Reiki for Alzheimer’s, Depression, Anxiety, Caregiver Stress, Pain

Scientific validation of the effectiveness of Reiki has helped bring this method more and more to the mainstream, where it is able to aid patients in many realms. There are several vital areas where Reiki and other touch/energy therapies significantly aid people with dementia and their caregivers.  The first is that there is an indication from published, peer-reviewed research that Reiki can help address memory issues in people with mild cognitive impairment and mild Alzheimer’s.

There are also several other published studies that demonstrate that Reiki helps both depression and anxiety both among people with chronic medical issues, as well as in those do not.  One of the often reported outcomes of Reiki treatment is a state of calm relaxation.  In that dementia patients can have problems with agitation, Reiki’s calming influence can be greatly appreciated.

Dementia patients often have other significant medical issues that might cause them to experience chronic or episodic pain. Using narcotic medication in people with cognitive impairment can make that impairment worse, so finding effective non-narcotic interventions that reduce pain can be vital.  Several research studies studies show that pain can be significantly reduced through the use of Reiki, both in cases where the pain is chronic and short-term.

Caregiver stress and burn out is another vital area where Reiki can help.  Nurses have added Reiki to their work in large numbers, and studying then as a population prone to burn out and compassion fatigue has demonstrated that Reiki can help prevent and heal caregiver stress and overwhelm. This is particularly true when caregivers use Reiki for self-help on a regular basis.

Learn Reiki, Jin Shin Healing Arts

Reiki is an “attuned” art, where a teacher passes on an attunement to a student, who then can then easily access the energy. Dr. Bier does in person and distance attunements in Kundalini Reiki.  KR is a powerful yet simple form of Reiki which allows the user to both use these enegies for healing themselves and others, helps heal and cleanse the student of energetic blockages. At the end of the three attunements, the student becomes a Kundalini Reiki Master and can attune others to use Kundalini Reiki, too. Kundalini Reiki goes far beyond the more “traditional” forms of Reiki to safely and quickly awaken the user’s Kundalini energy — energies which promote higher consciousness, a loving and compassionate presence, and rapid healing of past traumas.

Kundalini Reiki is usually given at a distance and takes 2 weeks to complete. You will receive several course documents as part of your training. Enroll any time — the course is ongoing. Cost: $100 for all 3 attunements. Enroll via PayPal — fill out the form below and click on the purple and orange button. (See the Center for Reiki Research for a list of their rigorously analyzed, peer-reviewed, published research studies.)

Jin Shin is another energy healing art, one that Dr. Bier has practiced successfully for decades.  It has similar outcomes to Reiki healing, but has not be researched and scientifically validated in the ways Reiki has been so is much less well known. It is gentle, simple and fast to get started with, and profoundly powerful.  Dr. Bier will be happy to arrange for a course in Jin Shin with your group of 4-12 people. Please contact her with your request.

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